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Mike Henson is proud of the impact he had on many different people and organizations over a career spanning over 40 years. Mike is known for leveraging his personal leadership model and unique talent to develop and cultivate strong relationships that consistently produce extraordinary results. He possesses the integrity, thought leadership, skills, and confidence necessary to help you generate exceptional change and results in your current organization.

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“Everything rises and falls on Leadership.”

Dr. John C. Maxwell

As a John Maxwell-certified coach, speaker, and trainer, I can provide learning and development efforts for leaders of all levels.

Personal and Team Development

In order to lead and perform better, you need to develop yourself. Once you’re on that path, you can develop your team. I have experience developing leaders, as well as turning groups of people into high-performing teams.


With over 40 years of experience in negotiations, I can assist you in becoming a better negotiator.